Monday, December 5, 2011

You Might Have Noticed a Few Changes to this Blog

The explanation for this change is simple. The posts I deleted? Parts of my life that I've left behind. The new blog name? A better representation of me (it is actually one of my personalities...the most pleasant one...go with it, people. :) ), and the change in content that I intend to implement? That's pretty simple too. I have this blog, it is supposed to represent the me that I am when I am not pushing my book, and it was so boring that I was afraid to share it. Now, yes, my life may be a bit of a bore at times but I have very diverse interests and some of them others may even enjoy seeing little snippets of. So we, my beloved readers and I, are going to test that theory. Not in this post, though. Nope, in this post I am laying out the 'what you can expect' portion of the blogging program. Now, please don't let the "witch" in the title freak you out. First, I happen to be a good witch ( </:) I'm Satanists like to explain when talking of my religion, the people that are all fluffy like bunnies...tree huggers...dirt worshipers...hippies with pointed hats....I'm sure you get the picture and if you have questions never EVER hesitate to ask. I am hard to offend and an honest question will always get an honest answer. Period.) As I said, the title refers to my happy side (DJ Dr. Ke is my music posting'll see her in this blog on more than one occasion as well), plain and simple. Now, if I read a good book about Wicca or Magick or something along those lines, if I learn something new and interesting, or if I have something I want to address pertaining to that aspect of my life, I will throw it in a post. I may even do a whole post on something "witchy" but if I do I can add a disclaimer so if you subscribe to this blog and you are not interested, you don't have to waste your time finding that out for yourself. Yes, I am nice like that. But most of the blog will probably be posts about music, about what is going on in my life and in my always busy head, about what good or not so good books I am reading, maybe what I am writing or what I would like to write....fairly typical blogging stuff, ya know? I want it to be fun, diverse, amusing to write and to read....I want it to be more like me. That's the point, right? And maybe if I enjoy writing it, I will post more than once every three months. So I promise not to freak you, my beloved readers, out if you promise not to abandon me while I try out this new idea. Deal? And as always...have something you want to say? Never hesitate. That's what the comment box is for. I love hearing from anyone who takes the time to read what I write....even if you think it sucks. :) Until the next time...
Yeah, I love that song. It makes me smile. Did it make you smile? I hope so. :)

Oh, and a PS from The Happy Hippie Witch? Last week, I finished The Help. I gave it four stars as I found it to be a good read. So, if you are looking for something to read and you put yourself on the library wait list today maybe you'll get to read it by next month. lol 

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