Thursday, December 29, 2011

I've Spent My Morning in the 17th Century...

See, writers can get away with crazy post titles like that because muggles assume we're insane anyway. Oh? Am I randomly mixing in Harry Potter terms? I apologize. I haven't slept yet. Funniest part of all? Except for the books I read to my baby sister, I am not even a Harry Potter fan...hahahaha The title actually isn't so crazy, though, as I've spent the past few hours working on Rapunzel and that happens to be the part of the book "we" are currently in. Rapunzel is tearing up hell during the English Civil War of that period just as she tends to tear up hell every where. Have I ever mentioned that she is one of my favorite characters to ever come from my warped mind? No? Well, she is. haha 
My grandfather is doing better. He is off of ventilators and talking although the doctor is telling us he now has what is known as ICU psychosis which, simply put, means that because of all the time he has spent not knowing whether it is night or day or what day it is, all of the time he's spent away from us and all that is familiar, he is developing symptoms like agitation (that has been his main symptom so far) and paranoia (he thinks the nurses are trying to kill him...yep, I think that qualifies) and he is very confused (yesterday he thought he had a load to deliver because he is a retired truck driver and he told the doctor that he is twenty four years old though the latter might simply have been to screw with the doctor because he's good like that). Still, he is making improvement and that is the best news my family has had in a week.

As for me? Well, I spent half of last night voice chatting with a great guy (yes, my fellow broken...soul?) and the other half tearing up hell in 17th century England with Rapunzel so it could be worse. As long as my mind is busy, as long as I don't try to sleep until I know I will close my eyes and be gone for a few hours, I am just fine. :) Yes, this is how I deal. And in this moment, I'm ok. So alas! I think it works. haha

Music I've been Writing to:

And last but by no means least:
These songs are taken from the soundtrack of my favorite French film, All the Mornings of the World (Tous Les Matins du Monde). No, of course I don't speak French (though I've always wanted to learn). I use subtitles like everyone else. lol But if you don't mind subtitles(or you do speak French), I recommend this movie one hundred percent. I thought it was AMAZING!!!!!

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