Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How's It Going? (Catching up on life and talking about Bag of Bones)

So, how's it going? Anything new and exciting (or new and fucking awful) happen since the last post? I hope you are all trying to avoid the holiday stress and all that which is pretty much impossible to do but I think you can. :) Me? Well, nothing mind blowing and amazing has happened but nothing bad has happened either. I'm content and that's all I ask. I've been pretty good about finishing my daily to-do lists and I've been working pretty steady on the next book (Rapunzel, the vampire version. I'll do a post soon and tell you all about it.) You see, my goal is to have it finished, edited, and out by March and because of all the slacking off I've done this year on it, that means I better bust my ass pretty hard to make that happen. This is my last week of class before break so I am going to use those two weeks to get down and dirty on the novel. But enough about work...
When it comes to my "real" life (personal stuff that is not about Castles Made of Sand) sometimes I feel like work is all I have to talk about. Sure, I could talk about my family (everyone is doing peachy) or my daily chores (I hate dishes and laundry, I've been really good about making the bed every day lately, and I really really need to run the sweeper) but that's just fucking boring. I know everyone loves hearing about people's love lives. I kind of have one. Well, I have this beautiful, brilliant, musically talented man (and since I know you will probably read this...Hi, babe! lol) that I want to eventually marry and have lots of sex and babies with. The highlight of my days is talking to him (whoever invented voice chat is a fucking genius!) and before bed each night I think dirty thoughts about him. But I don't think I can really call it a love life thing because we're not  together (yet...yeah, I am working on that. lol). And he does read this so if I just want to go all sappy and gush over how fucking amazing he is, I will probably get busted doing that. Then he might think I am kind and sweet and that I have a soul and imagine how disappointed he would be when he realized the truth. hahahaha Anyway...
Are we done sharing our feelings now? I really suck at this and I want to talk about Bag of Bones. Oh yeah! For anyone who has already read the book but has yet to see the mini-series on A&E, if you loved the book, you will love the movie. So do what you have to do and check it out. Now, I had my reservations about Pierce Brosnan playing Mike because Mike was based on Stephen King and Pierce just doesn't strike me as...well...King-worthy. I normally am not fond of him in movies. But I have to say in this case I was wrong. He did a great job. I don't know what it is about corpses in King's stuff but they always seem to be perfect and this movie was no exception so of course I give two thumbs up to the makeup people. And, as always, two thumbs up to Stephen and the people who let him dictate everything to make the movie as real to the book as humanly possible. If you have watched the mini-series but you've not read the book (and you are the book reading type), the movie was great but the book and the visual images you get from it are even better. I refused to sleep for three days while I was reading that book. It went everywhere I went, including the bathroom. I even ate dinner reading the damned thing because I could not put it down. So, if you like books and you liked the mini-series, do yourself a favor, get your ass down to the library and get that book! 
If you do not like Stephen King and you could really give a damn less about Bag of Bones and you are not so keen on emotions, I am sorry. There was really nothing for you in this post. What about Nirvana? Do you like Nirvana? Well, here ya go!
That song was stuck in my head when I woke up this morning and I am hoping if I spread it around and make others catch it like a terrible flu, it will finally stop playing through my mind. I love that tune. I really do. But hours of it in my head is just not welcomed. :)

Oh, and that part at the beginning where I was asking everyone how their week is going and all that? I really want to know. Comment, people, comment! These posts are so much better for me if there is some interaction going on. Otherwise I sort of feel like I am talking to myself and I do that every day anyway. So, tell me what's on your mind because I really want to know.
The next post is a little treat to commemorate the fact that we have 12 days until Christmas. It's my idea of holiday cheer....movies and music. So if you've gone all Grinchy Scrooge on the holiday this year, just ignore it. 
And until next time, avoid the holiday stress and remember to smile. :)

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