Monday, December 26, 2011

An Update of Sorts

These past few days have been pure madness in the world of the Happy Hippie Witch. Actually...the Happy Hippie Witch is temporarily the morose, manic depressive hippie witch but who cares about technicalities? My grandfather was rushed to the hospital in the early morning of  Christmas Eve and he was then taken straight into surgery to have part of his stomach removed and to repair a part of his bowel that had ruptured. He is still in the hospital, of course, and he is completely sedated and unable to breathe on his own yet. There was little joy in this house on Christmas and what joy did exist was all thanks to my two year old niece who brightens up everything just by being here. None of us kids have ever spent a holiday away from him and grandma hasn't been apart from him on a holiday in the nearly forty-five years that they have been married. All of the years that he drove truck and he missed birthdays and school functions, he was still home for Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving without fail. Not having him here weighed on us all. There was simply no avoiding it. Despite having ten people gathered around, without him the room felt empty.

So I have been busy. There was cleaning to do for Christmas, cooking to assist with, joy to fake, and worry to hide. I think I did well with it all. Housework trumps thinking, thanks so much. Unfortunately in the chaos my blogs have been neglected, typing Rapunzel has been put on the back burner, and things that are supposed to be important priorities just seemed irrelevant. But tonight I feel the need to work...on my blog, on my story, on anything that can take me out of the here and now.

I hope all of you had a magical Christmas and I am sorry my Christmas wishes are a little belated. Are you all looking forward to the new year? Any party plans? Ah, if I had my way I would be ringing in 2012 with a gallon of Whiskey Sours and Janis blaring at full volume. Sounds nice doesn't it? lol Merry belated Christmas, my dear blogger pals, and I hope we all have an amazing New Year. Now...on to my Castles blog...for real this time. :)


  1. I missed this post somehow. For some reason, my Google Reader ignores this blog (but not your other one).

    Anyway, very sorry to hear about your grandfather! Having this sort of thing during the holiday season is terrible. My friend John's grandfather had a stroke at the Thanksgiving family gathering two years ago, and my mom passed away that same December... six days before Christmas.

    Hope your New Year goes well, although I'm not one of those who thinks our fortunes can and will be altered by the simple act of changing a calendar.

  2. If I did not believe that about the New Year I would go fucking crazy. That thought gives me hope so I hold on tight. lol Thank you. I hope yours goes well too.

  3. Sorry, didn't mean to shoot holes in your life raft.

  4. lol It's sinking anyway so no harm done. lmao