Friday, January 6, 2012

Work, Work, Work And Just Where the Hell Did Play Run Off To? (Includes a small piece of Rapunzel)

I think it is a bad sign that I am having trouble meeting a deadline I set for myself. Probably doesn't say much for my future in the world of published authors but then again, if the deadline is set by someone else, it must be done. I can break obligations to myself. I do it all the time. It is obligations to others that I honor even if it kills me...Speaking of which, I started a new class Tuesday. Developmental Psychology. Does it sound boring? That's because it is. And my new instructor is a professional Nazi. I'll keep you posted on all the joys of the next five weeks. hahahaha 
I was afraid that class would get in the way of writing and it probably will to some extent but it hasn't been too bad so far. Rapunzel is coming along slowly but surely. In fact, guess what I have planned after I finish this? Because I love you all so much and I assume you are tired of hearing about a book I've given away very little about, I will let you have a little snippet of a conversation Rapunzel had with her latest fling, Vincent Santo (a sexy possibly insane violinist from the 18th century):

'“It is lonely to be a vagabond in the night. It is hard to carry the burden of stolen gold. Such things can make one go mad. I am miserable because I have surrendered too much of myself to such madness and you? Well, you are miserable because you won’t surrender to it at all. If you had only seen the things I’ve seen, you would not hate insanity so much. In a world that only gets bigger with each generation that fancies itself wiser than the one before it, watching all of this knowing that not one of them has ever figured out the solution to any of the damned problems that has plagued them since time began, madness can be a release from it all. Someday, perhaps when you are old and near death, you will see that I am right. There is something in old age, perhaps the surrendering of youthful ideals or the rooster of time crowing to wake up the dreams you once held dear, but there is something that allows senility to come for those who are lucky enough to find it. I think I understand it. What I wouldn’t give to just forget.”'

Yes, our vampire darling is in a mood. She is no fun when she is like this, all melancholy and depressed. Fortunately, it never lasts because she always ALWAYS finds trouble and that never fails to lift her spirits. I can't wait until I am finished. I think most of you guys will like her. Fairy tale princess indeed! haha  The Brother's Grim would be proud at the minor (blood sucking) adjustments I have made to their story, I think. :)

My grandfather has improved by leaps and bounds these last couple of days. Right now, he is off the machines they had to put him back on to breathe, all the tubes in his lungs have been removed, he is laughing and joking and giving nurses hell, and last night he was able to eat pudding and drink water. Although I won't feel completely optimistic until he is home, I have certainly been able to relax a little with each improvement. The nurse that called this morning told grandma they are hoping to move him down a floor today so he will no longer be listed as critical. That was pretty great news for me and my family. With all of the support I have had from my facebook family and the greatest non-boyfriend in the world, I have been able to make it this far without going crazy and I've been able to take comfort in the fact that there were many people who were worrying about the best dad in the world right along with me, praying for him and sending healing energy his way. It might have also helped that when it came to prayers I think I had just about every religion covered so every aspect of Deity heard from someone on grandpa's behalf. See how it pays to not be narrow minded? :)

And speaking of the world's greatest non-boyfriend...
The title to this blog is actually not entirely true. I have my nightly fun (not THAT! Pervs! hehe) thanks to the internet and the telephone. It is the time I most look forward to, the time when I feel most at ease these days. Yes, I am talking about the couple of hours I spend talking to a man that makes me feel like I am great and loved and all that other mushy shit us chicks love to feel about ourselves. hahaha Two strange people find love with one another...of course we couldn't be normal in our approach to any sort of relationship now could we? You should hear our

So, to sum up the first week of 2012, everything is just peachy in my world. Not perfect, but peachy none the less. How are things looking for you?


  1. I'm so glad things are going well so far this year. Love the new design, too.

  2. My amazing non-boyfriend did that for me. He thinks I am important enough for a logo. Aint that sweet? :) I want an e-mail on how things are going for you, David M. Lynch! It's been forever.