Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Am In A Stevie Mood Today...(A Snippet of Rapunzel and a Stevie Video Included)

You can usually tell what mood I am in from day to day based on what music I wake up in the mood for. Well, today is a Stevie Nicks day. What the hell does that mean, you ask? Simply put, my inner tough bitch is out to play until further notice. This aspect of me is magickal, she needs nothing and no one, and she likes the color black...alot. Today should be fun...lmao 

Grandpa is home from the hospital and he is doing well. He's been kind of grumpy these last couple of days making me wonder how long it will be before grandma puts him back in the hospital...but other than that, fine. haha He has a nurse coming in every other day to check his drains and all that. He really liked yesterday's nurse....he was amazed by her English accent. Actually, my entire family was. I thought they were going to cage the poor woman up and make her talk all day. English accents are just uncommon in Ohio, I suppose, and if there is one thing I inherited fair and square through genetics, it is the ability to be amused over simple things. You should see all of us with a slinky...fucking insane, it is. hahaha

I have been working on Rapunzel every day, though I have not accomplished nearly as much each day as I want to. We have moved onto the 19th century, though, so we are making some progress (Yes, I say 'we' because it isn't like I am writing this alone. Rapunzel is very much involved, thanks so much.) I am enjoying Rapunzel at this point and I look forward to working on her long and twisted tale. The problem is the same as it's always been...finding time. Like today...I have no homework today BUT I have these blogs (considering I've posted nothing in almost two weeks, I thought it wise to do it now) and dishes and laundry....and then I have a teenager than would love it if I never touched my own computer again...and she has homework online....And at the end of the day if I type three pages I will be grateful. I think yours truly should make a schedule. Anyone agree?

Oh...and speaking of Rapunzel...since you have been kind enough to listen to me bitch once again, here is a totally random piece of the story I wrote yesterday:

    ' For thirty years we roamed all throughout Egypt setting up house in pyramids all over the land. As the years passed and I stayed among these ancient places I started to think more and more of Angelus. He was as old as some of the things we passed, as ancient as the place around us. I had never gone with him to a place like this and I wondered what he thought when he came here or to the Rome of his birth. Did it pain him when he realized that there were few things on the earth that was older than he or did it bring him comfort, like an elderly human looking on the face of a newborn babe knowing that their own troubles were nearly behind them and the things the baby faced were no longer relevant to them anymore. I tried to push these thoughts aside just as I tried not to see him behind my eyes when I closed them each morning but as much as I chastised myself, these thoughts would not go and as the nights passed my yearning for him seemed to grow. Then one night, after eighty years of travel and all the places we had seen, it was as if the spell of the nomad was lifted from me. I was bone-deep tired of it all and I wanted only to be settled in one place again. When I went to sleep that morning my mind was heavy and I blamed that heaviness for the dream I had that disturbed my peaceful slumber.'

How else do you suppose a writer would reward you all for your patience? lol I actually have some poems I've written this week that I might try to get up here at some point for anyone out there that still finds beauty in poetry. I think there are about four of us left on the planet....hahaha

So I leave you now to go on to Castles. I hope everyone has a beautiful week or so. No matter what, remember to smile. And until next time....

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