Saturday, January 28, 2012

Beauty and the Beast- A Poem

My god, it has been a fucking day! I am not going into the details of the last twelve hours or so, the things that made the resident Happy Hippie Witch feel more like the Wicked Witch of the has just been one of those days. But because I am me, my delightfully twisted brain managed to make something out of it that may, eventually, be productive. I promised you guys some new poems a few posts back? Well, I just wrote this about twenty minutes ago so it doesn't get any fresher than that. 

Beauty and the Beast (Or, The Denial):

Does he ever weigh you down?
The Beast the lives within?
I know that you could let him go
but you'd have to let love in.
Beauty was at your door tonight,
she asked to come and play.
Why were you so cruel to her
when you wanted her to stay?
Is it because you know she'll come again,
as faithful as the sun?
Or is that when you look at her
you know that she's the one?
She loves you both, you foolish boy,
the beast inside the man.
You are one, she knows of course
she'll always understand.
And when you see her magick smile,
your only hope to change;
When you know that she is mad for you
why should it be so strange?
Behind her eyes you love so much
live secrets quite like yours
That she's had to hide for years alone
behind the bolted doors.
It is only when she touches you,
when she sees your crazy smile
that she feels like she can be herself
and rest for just a while.
So tomorrow when Beauty comes to call
will her Dark Prince treat her kind?
Because one day she'll go to town instead
if you keep leaving her behind.

Did you like it? I hope so. In many ways, tonight it says it all. Those last two lines may be a bit full of shit but writing them eased the anger (and that dash of hurt...alright, perhaps a little more than a dash but who is really counting, right?) that has been flowing through me the last few hours. So maybe now I can get back to what I sat down to do and write Rapunzel. Shall I? I think I shall....hahaha 
Oh, and because music is my therapy, why not leave you with my song of the night as well? As always, thank you, Aaron Lewis, for giving me an outlet besides my own simple words....
'Please' happens to be my go-to song when I feel as if those who say they love me suddenly dislike me for who I am....feel free to claim it as your own when such occasions come up. It is always there on youtube and it has never let me down. I'm sure Aaron wouldn't mind. ;) 

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