Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Plea to the World

It has been a long fucking time, my dear blogger people. I've been very busy with mom shit and life shit and (about five percent of the time) with writing shit. Like so many in America, since November I've been torn between wanting to know nothing about the world for the next four years and being terrified to take my eye off the ball for minute...because the ball might turn into a nuke and...well...we've all seen pictures of the rest. I watch a lot of John Oliver and Steven Colbert and Trevor Noah and Seth Myers because that got me through two terms with Bush. Had it not been for Jon Stewart back then I don't know what I would have done. And all the while I keep writing letters to my baby (who turned one on the first) hoping she will be reading them from a much better future nearly twenty years from now. I keep promising her that somehow we will make this right. We will fix this. That has been my attitude since I was born. No matter what fucks up, we can fix it. If we can't, we'll rebuild it better than it was before. But this time feels different. I refuse to get scared when the news is full of scary shit. Since 9/11 and the aftermath of that, I've seen fear as the enemy of liberty and justice FOR ALL. Yet, during the election, there was a voice in the back of my mind saying "Trump will try to become a dictator. You know history. You know it probably better than you know the present and a hell of a lot better than you can predict the future and you know he has the temperament, the sense of entitlement, the sheer ignorance, the narcissism...he has every single characteristic in the book. He will try to keep all of the power we let him grab and he will try to keep it forever." and while people rolled their eyes on the rare occasion when I voiced this fear, it has been a month and already he is trying to discredit the media, suggesting we get our news straight from him instead, and now he has sent another psychopathic rich white boy in front of the camera to undermine the authority of the judicial branch of government and to declare with serial killer style coldness that Trump's authority "will not be questioned"...and if we back down now, any of us, we are screwed. History tells me that and unlike the present, if you dig hard enough for the truth in history it gives you just that...the truth. But it isn't just that this fucker is trying to bully the American people the way he has bullied three wives and numerous people who dared oppose him....he is trying to bully the world. He is throwing the rich white male equivalent of a toddler's temper tantrum on global leaders all over the place...Well, not all over the place. We know he won't have a tantrum on Putin because he is afraid of Putin...and because Putin helped him get this job. That's not exactly true. Apparently what Putin promised him was his job judging by the way Trump and his people believe the presidency goes but that is neither here nor there.....
We can't let him win. He is so clearly trying to provoke an attack that it would be hard to miss it. Mexico, Australia, China....our allies....alienated and talked down to by a man who is seventy going on three. He is discussing North Korea doing a missile test like he would discuss something he watched on Fox news...I can only imagine what the Japanese PM thought of that moment...sitting there with the president of America in a dinning hall at his private club while he took the call about the test on his cell phone and read classified documents by the light of a random person's cell phone... And we know all of this is true because of a photo some random person at Mar-a-Lago took to go with his facebook post about the whole incident. In short, the allies Trump hasn't pissed off are probably ready to start running the world without us for the next four years. Then there are Trump's flippant threats...to Iran, to Mexico, hell, to the city of Chicago (what an idiot...)! When you are president you do not get to make flippant threats the way he has done all of his life. You have to resign your prized position as school yard bully when you take that office. But he will resign that position around the time he actually gets his hands out of his businesses soooo....
Here we are. And this is what I beg the world to remember.
Trump is NOT the face of America. Trump is the face of what is destroying America. He is everything that Americans also hate about America. No one suffers because of a country ruled by selfish billionaires more than the ordinary people of that country and as much as we have suffered already, we haven't seen shit yet. Please, please remember: This man was NOT elected by the PEOPLE of America. Now, I understand that this is our fault for not fixing our broken system back in 2000 and it is my dearest hope that by 2020 electors and super delegates will all be a thing of the past. But his ideals are not our ideals. Hell, even many of the people who did vote for him only did it because they thought  a billionaire was going to go after the billionaire class. Stop laughing. I'm serious. And as bad as that is, just wait because now that Betsy DeVos is running public education, ignorance will get much much worse. But I digress...We did not vote him in. We do not want him in. There was no fucking voter fraud that led to Hilary winning the vote of the people so please don't let him try to convince you otherwise because if he manages that, he will have effectively convinced you that the majority of us agree with him when the truth is that's bullshit. Should you decide to wage war on us over Trump, you will not hurt him at all. Because he is a bully, a spoiled rich white bully, and he will have advanced warning and he will get the hell out of here before you come. Do you really think he'll stick around if he thinks he might have to fight? If you do, google Trump and Vietnam. Sorry, he has some foot thing... And when you've nuked us and we are dead he'll be in Russia or something with all of his rich white friends tweeting 'Thousands of weak Americans died today but they shouldn't have been weak enough to stay when I got the warning. Sad!' or some equally ridiculous shit. No, if you want to hurt this particular sociopath, you can't do it through us. Literally. It is impossible. Sociopaths have to feel like they are in control and they have all the power and for Trump, the key to that lies in his money. He admitted to not paying taxes for over fifteen years on national television yet he won't let us see his tax returns. Why? Because he probably isn't a billionaire anymore. He's probably barely a millionaire, truth be told. So if you truly want to get back at him during his ludicrous presidency, encourage people to take out any stock they have in any of his companies (do not mandate it, Iran...simply encourage...). Stop any business deals you yourself might have with him. Create a Trump tax where, if he wants to do personal business with you or your nation, he has to pay just a little more. Do things along those lines. Because the funniest part of all this is that, while he is the only president we've ever had that truly scares me, he is also the easiest to understand. Money, money, money. It's why he wanted the office, it's how he took the office, some say it's the source of the blackmail Russia may have on him (I don't think there is blackmail...I think Putin saw someone with his ego and no common sense and said, 'Aha! You will be easy to control!' and I don't think that is all about embargoes so we might want to look more into why he wanted Trump in and less into what he might have on the idiot...), it is his prime motivator in all things. Money equals power and power is what he wants. It is simple rich white boy logic. Because at the end of the day, no matter what office he sits in, that is all he is.
And to my fellow Americans...
Whether you voted for him or whether you didn't is no longer important. The important thing is do you like where he is heading with everything he has done including his attempts to bully and undermine our very important judicial branch of government? If you sat there and bitched constantly about the Constitution during Obama's presidency (ya know...the dude who majored in Constitutional Law....) but you are silent now, you are a hypocrite. Or you've never read the Constitution. Or both. Either way, if you have not read it, please do. Please please fucking do. And research the men who wrote it and what they actually wanted and what they actually believed in and then you will see why I am so fucking scared, so frustrated, so...grrrr!!!! haha How can you stand up for your rights if you do not know what they are? How can you understand the importance of our government's three branches if you don't know their purpose and why that purpose was so important in the first place? History is important. Our Constitution is everything. I do not care if you are Republican or Democrat, if you are a normal person or Trump himself (don't laugh....if I put his name in a hashtag somewhere he might actually read this....Oh wait....it's longer than a page of bulleted points...never mind....lmao), if we can ALL agree to fight for our Constitution and for the rights of ALL citizens under that Constitution, we will all get on the same page very quickly. 
We need to do away with the electoral college. And we need to keep putting the pressure on our lawmakers. We will be heard. They need not fear Trump. We hired them and only we can fire them. Remind them of that always. And when you wake up tomorrow and you have that heart stopping moment where you realize that Richie Rich in the first half of the movie is running our country, do what I do and remember...there is still a chance that he can make America great again...
Look at how well we've come together already! 

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  1. Wow, so much I could say on so many levels.

    Nice to see (and I'm being sarcastic) that Blogger still doesn't show your new posts in my sidebar's blogroll. That's why I'm just reading this post now... but it's just as relevant and scary as if you'd written it on the day I read it.

    Trump may get us into a war yet. Right now, as you know, he and his asshole counterpart in North Korea are engaged in a pissing contest. But that's not enough for T.Rump. He's currently threatening the leader of Venezuela, too.

    But hey, heartfelt congratulations on being a mom! Already more than a year old? Wow, time really is flying. I'm sure lots of stuff has happened since you and I were able to talk (well, write) at length. I wish you nothing but good things, as always.

    And that's about as personal as I'm going to get in this forum...