Sunday, April 23, 2017

Paperback Writer!!!!!

"Sir or Madame, will you read my took me years to write, will you take a look?"
Amazon has developed a brilliant idea...surprisingly enough. They have decided that it would be a good idea to let us self-published authors publish our books in paperback form. Now, it is still amazon. So they must have their large piece of the pie. My vampire books are now available in paperback but the cost of each is thirteen bucks. I did not intentionally raise the price by ten bucks. In fact, I cannot imagine anyone paying that much for one of my books (though one person has and I appreciate that) but if you have always wanted to read my books but you are not a fan of digital books (which I can sympathize with...) you now have the option to read the books in paperback. The covers suck. I am not a cover designer...or any other type of designer. I am a writer. All of my creativity lives there. And I still have to split Castles Made of Sand in half in order to make it a paperback because amazon has decided it is too long to print as is. I have not had time to do it yet because my grandmother almost died at the end of March and I had my Alzheimer's ridden grandfather for a week and since she has been out of the hospital, I have gone to her house nearly every day to clean and do whatever the two need me to do. I've been quite busy. I am home today to try to clean up my house and do my own laundry and clearly I should be doing that and not this...BUT...I wanted to tell you, my blogger people, about the books. All the books...

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