Saturday, September 3, 2016

Kratom Saved My Life

I woke up today to news that could completely change my life for the absolute worst if something doesn't happen quickly to stop it. While going to order Kratom, the herb that saved my life and allowed me to meet the love of my life, leave my grandmother's house, and have my beautiful baby girl, has just been banned for no logical reason by the DEA. They have tried this state by state and most states were told by their people that this isn't what they want so they left it be. But here is an herb that you can't overdose on (unless you....I don't an entire kilo or something because I have taken quite a bit of it on bad days and the worst that happened was a headache....), an herb that helps people like me with chronic pain and inflammation without the addiction of pain pills or the risk of ulcers and cancer and a variety of other nasty things that common treatments for Crohn's provide (and because I have a sever case, these treatments did nothing anyway....), an herb that has helped many people beat addictions to pain pills and heroin at a time when the addictions to both are at an alarming rate and overdoses are reported in record numbers....And they want to go through with this ban without the typical formality of giving the public the option to speak out first. Why? They say it is a health risk even though there is not a single instance where death has occurred as a direct result of kratom alone. Studies have shown that it has very real medical benefits.....But that's the problem, isn't it? It is a safe way to avoid pharmaceuticals for conditions like mine which rake in millions for pharmaceutical companies every single year. In countries where Kratom grows naturally, the plant was made illegal because it was interfering with sales of opium to countries like ours. Is that not what is going on right now? I believe it is. I know that many people do not know about Kratom and they tend to believe agencies like the DEA so I want to share my story. I made a video. Please watch it. And consider that, for me, if this ban stands it will be a death sentence. I know the shape that I was in when I discovered Kratom and I know that if I do not have Kratom, either my body will kill me within ten years or I will kill myself because I cannot go back to laying in a bed and crawling to the bathroom every fifteen minutes when I don't have the strength to walk anymore. I am very afraid. And I am not alone. So please, watch the video and sign the petition below  ( and in the comments of the video) if you feel compelled to do so. Also, if you have a story of your own that you want to share, I posted the link to contact President Obama. Share your story. I will also share a link to a Forbes article that clears up a few of the lies the DEA is telling if you are interested. Do not buy this bullshit. I (and hundreds out there like me...)are begging you!

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