Thursday, December 11, 2014

Holiday Give-Away and Catching Up

Happy Holidays to everyone, regardless of what you are celebrating this December (and happy December to you if you celebrate nothing this time of year). I want to start off by telling you all about my give away and then we can catch up on everything that's new since the last time (it's only been about four months...what could possibly be new? lmao). From December 21st-25th, both Castles Made of Sand and Beauty and the Beast are completely free. I wanted to do this for the entire month so I could cover ALL of the holidays celebrated in December but Amazon will only let me do it for five days every three months. One day when I'm as rich as Oprah, I'll get you all something super cool for the holidays but until then...please accept my grown-up version of a macaroni picture ("Look, mom, I made it myself...."). hahaha
The link to Castles: 
The link to Beauty and the Beast: 

On to other news....
How are you all handling the holidays so far? Are you stressed as hell? I've been working through Silver Ravenwolf's Great Release Challenge (it's been a December tradition since around 2011 for me) and it always helps me ease that stress. I am also still working The Greystone Path as a seeker and that provides me with plenty of opportunity to release stress. Some things are going great while others are not so great but that, in a nutshell, is life. And even with the gritty parts, I can still see a major improvement in my life compared with last year at this time. So, overall, I have no complaints. I am looking forward to Yule and, while I am dreading New Years Eve (like I do every year...I hate endings), I am looking forward to the New Year. Next October I graduate with my Masters in Science (of psychology) and as long as I can grit my teeth and bear it for ten months more, I am promising myself that I'm done with school after that and from that point on, my time will be dedicated to writing full time. I am hoping that promise will get me through every day between now and then that I grit my teeth and say, "There is no reason to do this anymore and all I want to do is quit!" If I knew how to quit things, honestly, I would be writing full time now. As it stands....ten...more...months. hahaha  
I hope all of you have a beautiful December. I hope that there was something about 2014 that made you smile. I hope that your losses were few and that the pain from those losses heals quickly. I hope that you saw some piece of a dream realized. I hope that, overall, you are better off right now than you were this time last year. And if you are not, if things went terribly bad this year and you are just ready to put 2014 behind you, I hope that you see light at the end of the tunnel soon, that the distress becomes an opportunity for something better, and that 2015 brings you blessings, good health, love, joy, and hope. If you have that, in a way, you have everything. Just keep smiling. :)


  1. Hope your holidays give you everything good that you deserve, and more!

    1. Happy New Year, David. I hope all is well in your corner of the world and I hope you have an amazing 2015. :)