Monday, January 21, 2013

Stop And Read the Second Amendment

I have put off blogging about this because I had hoped people would realize how ignorant they sound and they would pipe down with it. But so far that isn't happening. First, let's start at the beginning. Regulating guns is NOT the same as outlawing them and it is something that is not only allowed in the constitution, it is stated outright that it should be done. The Second Amendment states that a 'Well REGULATED Militia' is necessary  Did you catch that, America? A WELL REGULATED militia. Banning assault riffles, a type of gun that is not needed for ordinary every day protection, a type of gun often used in mass shootings and drug wars, falls under the category of regulation, not an unconstitutional ban on all guns. I do not support a ban on all guns. I would never support that in America. I know better. No, I do not own guns and I do not personally like guns. But I do know that there is not a single thing that is illegal here that people cannot get a hold of on the streets. I do know that if guns were banned altogether here criminals, those we worry about, would have absolutely no problem getting them while regular Americans would be left defenseless. Cocaine doesn't come from America, it is highly illegal, yet everyday millions here get high on it. Guns would be no different. So if I thought that this is where Obama was going with the regulations I would join those who are throwing their fits. I would write him and my representatives. I would throw a fit. In addition to the fact that they would be illegal only to those who do not have ill intentions for owning them, I also remember why our Forefathers wrote the Second Amendment into the Constitution in the first place.  They knew that unarmed people were people who were at the mercy of their government. I have never trusted our government enough to want that. But what I have seen over the new regulations is a bunch of ignorant motherfuckers with agendas unrelated to freedom beating their chests and ignoring the part of the Constitution that demands regulation, posting the words to the Second Amendment over and over again without actually reading or comprehending them.

Now, while all of these people are throwing fits over the new gun laws did you hear that Alabama has passed Personhood rights to embryos and fetuses, now giving an unborn female or an egg that might one day become an unborn female rights at expense of  the woman carrying her? No, you probably did not. How about the closure of the last abortion clinic in Mississippi forced by the state despite the cancer screenings and preventive health care it also provides to women who cannot afford it elsewhere? No? So while so many Americans were throwing tantrums over regulations that are completely constitutional no one has bothered to stand up and throw a fit over the fact that women are treated like incubators instead of human beings even though the constitution is supposed to provide us, living breathing surviving outside the womb women, with protection as human beings. Tell me again how concerned I should be over the ban on assault riffles and over the fact that precautions are being taken to decrease the chances that someone who is bat shit crazy will go into a store and buy a gun to kill me, you, or anyone else on the street. Americans are growing more ridiculous by the day. Putting political agendas above the well being of their sisters, their mothers, their daughters, their friends. That's how we now show our strength. Yes, I am sure the men who founded this nation would be so proud.

When are women going to stop supporting the bullshit? We are over half the population yet the rights that women fought, died, and lost everything to gain in generations past has been under constant assault for the past three years. If you stand up when you think the second amendment is under attack, if you speak out for all of your convictions, why in the hell can't you stand up for yourself? Why can't you realize that just because abortions are something you will never have, that does not mean some man in the statehouse has the right to rob your sister or your daughter of it? Just because you don't need birth control, that doesn't mean your daughter should end up pregnant at 15 because some bastard who will never have to worry about an unwanted pregnancy has decided she doesn't have the right to plan her own life. If any other minority was being attacked the way we have been attacked that minority would have shouted, and fought, and protested from one end of this country to the next. The media would cover it. People would be aware of it. Yet we sit back, calm docile creatures, shouting about guns while Alabama strips us of our rights as humans. Why? 

This post is really a rant, a full blown fed up rant. I am tired of regulations on guns being declared unconstitutional by people who read only what they want in the constitution, I am tired of hearing no outrage from women and sensible men concerning the way we have been treated since the beginning of 2010, I am tired of people caring more about things that are really not an issue than they do about important things like women being seen as people and the homosexual people we love being able to marry who they damned well please, I am just tired. I am tired of Americans allowing certain factions of media to think for them. I am tired of no one actually having principals and beliefs that are their own. This isn't how it was supposed to be, boys and girls. I read my history books (objectively of course) and I know my shit concerning the past. And trust me, if you think that this is what we are supposed to be, the mess we are now, you need to open up a history book of your own. I love my country. I love the diverse group of people that make up America. And I will fight for us all even if no one hears me. Because if things keep going on the path they have been on for the last thirteen years, we are going to have a true crises on our hands. And it will not be gun regulations or the fiscal cliff that is our undoing. It will be ignorance and a total disregard for the rights of anyone but yourself that destroys a great nation. 

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