Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Hard Rain's Going to Fall

Here it is, late April, and Ohio is cold and dreary. I even heard a facebook friend who lives close by mention the possibility of snow. Isn't it a little late for that? Mother Nature's personal assistant forgot to change the month of Mother Nature's calender again. That hooker! lol 
It has been a long week. I've been negative a lot this week and part of that stems from the daily stories that I read about the bullshit politicians are pulling and the fact that there are many things that, if they pass, will directly affect me and I sometimes feel powerless to stop it. I often find myself wondering why more people, especially women, are not speaking up. But I did find a facebook page that is much like the one I had wanted to start that I brought up in my last post. The page link is and if this is an issue that is important to you as well I strongly encourage you to check this out. It gives individual links to each state and there is a nation-wide protest coming up this Saturday on April 28th. You can find the locations for the protest spots in your state by going to the link above and checking out the page for your state. As for me? I'll be at the Statehouse on Saturday. I must admit that I am very nervous about it. There is always the fear that I am going to disrupt the event with my pal The Seizure Fairy or that my stomach will have me running to the nearest bathroom (which will be interesting at that particular location) but I'm determined to drag my sorry ass to this no matter what. At one point in Castles Made of Sand Liz was preparing for a protest and she said she was going if for no other reason than to make the helpless feeling ease up for a minute. That is kind of how I feel about this. 

I've still been writing away on this new book of mine. It has a name now. Pandora's Box. And between the story itself and the parts I have written for it that will go into it when the time comes I've written about eighty pages so far. I work on it every day even if I only write a few paragraphs. I think I am going to post the first ten pages or the first chapter in a separate post after I finish this one. If you read it, I would love some feedback. Even if you think it sucks. Don't worry about hurting my feelings. Thanks to agents, I have few left at this point. haha 

Speaking of agents...I haven't done so well keeping up with the whole querying thing. I sent out three query letters yesterday and they were the first queries of this month. I am hopeful as always but I'm not necessarily optimistic. At this point being completely optimistic  would probably lead me toward giving up and that's no good.  So I hope for the best and expect the worst and I assume that when the time is right I'll find the right agent for me. It's kind of the same way I look at my love life only I can't see living the rest of my life without an agent as an option. ;) haha

And now I want to wrap up this weekly recap of nothing much with a change of perspective I was hit with today. I do not listen to Lady Gaga. I have a sixteen year old sister that I spend every waking moment of my life with so I have heard all of her songs but I'm not fond of them. And until today my opinion of Lady Gaga as a person wasn't so high. But I watched an interview with her on OWN today that really changed my mind about her. I will openly admit that I think I've been very wrong about her for the last four years. I now think she is a very intelligent, insightful, down to earth, and creative person and I was very surprised to hear a lot of myself in the way she described parts of her thought process. What she is doing by giving a generation of "weird" kids a very public voice is priceless. It's what people like Madonna and (for me) Marilyn Manson did for people in me and Gaga's age group. Madonna taught me as a little girl that it was ok to want the world, that it was ok to celebrate being a female, that is was ok to not be a doormat, and that I didn't have to keep my fucking mouth shut if I felt strongly about something. Marilyn Manson taught me that it was ok to think completely out of the box and that not fitting in with those around me really wasn't necessarily a bad thing. I suppose for kids my sister's age Lady Gaga is almost like Madonna and Manson all rolled into one. And everyone loves her for it which sends perhaps the strongest message of all to kids who find themselves on the outside of what their peers consider normal. So, while my opinion of her music hasn't really changed, I was wrong about her and after today I have a whole new respect for her and what she is trying to do. See, if you keep your mind open you really can learn something new every day.
And for all of my fellow freaks out isn't our fault. We were born this way. lol

I hope everyone has a beautiful week and you all find plenty of reasons to smile. :)

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