Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Come As You Are...

The title of this post has very little to do with the post itself except that I am going to regale you all with delightful tales of my adventures since I last posted. All of my adventures have been in my head as I have started writing a novel that I did not want to write in the first place which has now taken on a mind of its own. If you write, you know what that means. If you don't, it means that the fact that I wanted to write Beauty and the Beast is totally irrelevant now. What I am going to write is a novel called Pandora's Box. This book has no vampires but it does have rock stars. In fact, the two main characters are a rock journalist that writes for a fictional big time magazine like Rolling Stone (called Rock Star...original, huh? Lay off. I used up my one good magazine name in Castles. lol) and a rocker she falls in love with (who falls in love right back) named Sky Donaldson. The two big problems for these love birds are 1) Julianne's career (as a journalist she is not supposed to sleep with the musicians) and 2) his wife. I bet you are judging right now, aren't you? I was too. Part of why I did not want to write it. I do not typically condone infidelity....but in this book things are not what they seem. Ever. lol I've been working quite steady on it for about a week or so. And how does all of this relate to the title? Well, Nirvana's music seems to be helping my creative flow (Seether too...just not as much) and for the first time in my life I am...sick...of Kurt. :( But I know better than to fuck with the process. I stop listening to the music that's working when it stops working. Not one moment before. And that sucks.

I have slept about three nights out of seven and the fact that the story just keeps coming is probably almost as much to blame for that as my stomach crap. But I am not complaining. As long as it keeps coming and it forms into something I can use, something I can work with, it's worth it. No, this is not some Truman Capote shit about suffering for my art and all that...I'm an insomniac anyway. Might as well be productive while I am busy not sleeping. lol

Now, aside from this fascinating tale on what I've been up to, there are two issues that led me to blog today. The first is the fact that about an hour ago it was announced that George Zimmerman has FINALLY been charged. It's Second Degree Murder which isn't Murder One but it does carry a sentence of life in prison. So at last the justice system will have its chance to do its job. Assuming this doesn't end up like the Casey Anthony case of course...According to the news he is already in custody so after 40 long days, a murderer (I am not on the jury. I feel he is a murderer and I will hold on to my opinion unless something comes up to prove to me that I am wrong I said...I am not on the jury) is off the streets. And I am glad for it.

The second thing is a little crusade of my own that I am thinking of taking up. When the bastard governor of Wisconsin decided that women do not deserve the same pay as men for the same work last week, many people, myself included, were up in arms about it. The idea that the GOP can still say that there is no war on women is hilarious. State by state, the republicans (and some democrats, I am sure...I have never known anything to be completely 100% one sided in politics) that were elected to office during the elections of 2010 are doing everything in their power to destroy the progress of women. Now, I don't need to again go into how fucking tired and angry I am with all of that.But I have a plan. I want to start rounding up the bills that have been introduced in the last year aimed at women, the names of the elected officials who supported such bills (yep, even if they are democrats...I do NOT play favorites when it comes to human rights), and if they come from any of the eighteen states in America that allow elected officials to be recalled, I want to start petitions for people to sign (for the state they live in) and pass around to attempt to get a vote to recall the officials. 

     I know that it is again election year and it may seem silly to go through all of that trouble when one could just vote the officials out in November but I think there needs to be a message sent to these men (and the women...though fewer in number, women oppressing women certainly occurs in politics) that women and the men who support them will not just stand by and let our rights be stripped from us while we do nothing. I think people in America have largely forgotten that we elect the members of our government. The people pay their salaries. It is the government that works for the people, not the people who work for the government, and as their employers, the people who pay their wages can fire them just like they hired them in. 

     And if you are having issues of other sorts relating to elected officials blatantly infringing on your rights and you live in a state where officials can be recalled, I would highly suggest you consider doing the same. Women are not the only people in America who have to fight to keep rights that should never be fucked with. But right now we seem to lack a strong unifying voice. While I highly doubt I will ever be that voice and, as a hermit, I do not want to be, I would like to do what I can to get some kind of ball rolling that leads to forward progress as opposed to a backwards descent. I am not saying I will do this yet. I haven't decided. I want to. I really do. But right now I'm not sure. It's just a thought and nothing more for the moment.

I hope everyone is having a fantabulous week. If I don't find something to write about in the days to come, I will try to meet you all right here next week for another round of delightfully boring tales from The Happy Hippie Witch.  :)

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  1. I hope that women in every state take your advise and heed your warnings. The cultural 'winnowing' that has taken place in the GOP should both alarm every person, particularly women, and should narrow their base. It's ironic that politicians I've opposed in the past (Nixon, Reagan, Bush, etc) would now be too socially 'liberal' for the current crop of GOP hopefuls.

    I'm not a rabid supporter of the President, he's driven to the center of the road and been inept at getting his issues to the stage, but he's certainly better for us than the 'publicans.

    As the very old Navy joke goes: "You should always choose the lesser of two weevils".