Friday, February 13, 2015

Count-Down Deal on Beauty and the Beast and Castles Made of Sand

As I am sure you all know, tomorrow is Valentine's Day. In honor of the celebration of love, I have reduced the price on both of my books in a countdown deal that begins on the 14th, when both books will be .99 cents, and ends Sunday when the books go back to full price. This has not been a great month for book sales and after the excitement of December and January, I am not ready to see sales go stagnant again. In addition to this, I am a big supporter of what Valentine's Day was meant to be and I am showing my appreciation for a day set aside to celebrate love, love love... :) Both of my books detail the ups and downs of love of all types including (but not limited to) the love between best friends, the love between parents and their children, the love between families (both blood and chosen),  the love of a person for themselves, and, of course, love of the romantic sort as well. I love writing about long as I can do it honestly and not glamourize or demonize things. So, if you are interested, please check the books out while they are on sale and save yourself a couple of bucks.
^ For Beauty and the Beast, See below for Castles Made of Sand: 

Speaking of Valentine's Day.....I posted on this topic about three years ago but I am going to do it again because this is something I have felt strongly about for a very long time...
I know what society has turned Valentine's Day into. It has become that one day a year where people in relationships look smugly or with pity upon those who are single and those who are single feel bad because they are stuck buying themselves chocolates and reading books they just bought from a Kindle sale (hehehe I had to paint the picture....) BUT I am here to tell you all that this day does not have to be that way. Why, you ask? Because THERE ARE MULTIPLE FORMS OF LOVE. And you know what? THEY ARE EQUALLY AS VALID AND AS POWERFUL AS ROMANCE. That's right. That's the way I see it. If you have parents, siblings, best friends, cousins, children, neighbors, co-workers, animals....anyone in your life who loves you? You have someone to spend Valentine's Day with. Even more incredible....self-love is powerful too. If you love who you are inside and out, treat yourself to dinner, chocolates, a movie, the whole nine yards, because from the cradle to the grave, the only person you are guaranteed to have forever is you. And that is something to celebrate too. This day was not meant to make people feel bad for what they don't have. It's supposed to be a day where you and the people you love show that you care. One day set aside in the whole year just for the most powerful chemical reaction the human brain produces. Please....please...don't waste that. Don't waste it on wishing you had someone "special" because chances are, there is someone in your life who is in some way special and you could be spending time with them if you would stop to think about that. Also....better to be alone on Valentine's Day than to be unhappy with someone who is wrong for you. There are worse things to be than single... And don't waste this day rubbing it in someone's face that Mark proposed or that Mindy loved her chocolates. I have seen people do this and it's terrible. Hell, those who do it on Valentine's Day also tend to do it the other 364 days of the year as well and that's equally as shitty. If your best friend is single, instead of feeling like you have the upper hand on this one day out of the year, carve out some time to do something with them as well. Be nice to each other. If we can manage that one day a year it might spread and before you know it, people will be nice all the time. lol Don't waste a minute of the day on hate or regret. Just....find joy in something or someone. Find a reason to smile. And follow that where it might take you if only for one day....

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